Monday 23 February 2015

The week that never was

So last week was the school half term holidays, pancake day and Chinese New Year. So there was loads on at places in Newcastle - museums, Bill quay farm, eldon square, metro centre. Plus our toddler group was still on.

So what did we do? We did nothing! Yep not one of the things I had planned were done. And why was this?

Yes illness hit the house! James came down with a horrible horrible cold and nasty cough. He was generally a clingy grumpy monkey and all he wanted to do was cuddle up to his mummy and watch episodes of Peppa Pig. We did escape for a walk once a day either to tesco or asda or into Newcastle to pick something up at the shop. James though spent most of the trips out asleep in his big pram cuddled up to CB. 

He did get a new friend though when mummy took him into town to pick bits up. He got an Easter bunny from an offer at poundland who he has named erm supermarket (no idea why!)

Now mummy and daddy have both caught James germs and are ill but we are battling on. James still not 100% better but hopefully he turned a corner. Just wish this cough would go though!!

We have a fab product to review this week so excited to get the testing done and share it!!!

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Week eight/nine project 365

JSo I'm combining the last two weeks as we have had illness and loads of stress.

Day fourty seven someone having daddy time

Day fourty eight someone's ill 

Day fourty nine still ill 

Day fifty poorly boy reading his new peppa book

Day fifty one still ill 

Day fifty two

Day 53

Day 54

Day 55

Day 56

Day 57

Day 58

Day 59

Day 60


Tuesday 10 February 2015

Glacé Cherry Sponge Cake

So Andy is at work today and we knew he would be feeling bored so we decided to make him a cake to cheer him up when he gets home.

This is a cake I used to make when I was a child with my nannie so decided to try and recreate it for Andy. 

250g self raising flour
100g sugar
75g butter/stork
20g glacé cherries
2 eggs

First I always soften the butter in the microwave as it makes it easier to mix in the sugar.

Then add in the first egg. 

Add in some of the flour.

I then add in the second egg mixing it in well. I cut the cherries in half and rince them and in cold water and toss them in some of the flour and add to the mix then add in rest of the flour.

I then put into a loaf tin and put in the oven on gas mark four for 33 minutes as our oven is slightly temprimental but checked after 28 minutes by sticking sharp clean knife into the middle of the cake.

I greased the sides and bottom of the loaf tin with stork.


Sunday 8 February 2015

Silent Sunday

Week 7 project 365

The Day 40 biscuit time

Day fourty one chilling time before we go to bed

Day fourty two missing his daddy

Day fourty three having a pj day

Day fourty four someone is grumpy

Day fourty five just your normal hat for a trip to Tesco

Day fourty six yoga James 

Friday 6 February 2015

Munich Remembered 57 Years

One thing I try not to go on about is football. But yep I'm a football geek. When it comes to eleven men kicking a ball about for ninety minutes I'm the nerd who wants to watch.

I am a massive Manchester United fan and by massive I mean massive. When I was growing up my bed room was floor to ceeling Manchester United. James even has my old duvet cover on his bed. 

But today is an important day in the history of my club. 57 years ago at four minutes past three, seven of our young and talented players perished on the snowy runway in Munich. The eighth player to die - Duncan Edwards lost his life fifteen days later. The team had been returning from a European cup match against Red Star Belgrade when the plane had to stop to refuel.

2008 was the 50th anniversary of the disaster and at that time I was a student at Salford University and I was lucky enough to get some work experience with MUTV working on the documentary they were making to mark the disaster. I spent many hours in Manchester central library looking at old film of the newspapers in the days after the crash, the funerals of the players and the first game after.

My dad was only four when Munich happened yet as a fan he learned about it, he the. Passed it onto me. I remembered hearing about Munich from an early age. 

I aim as James grows up to teach him about the history of our great club.

Munich 1958 players numbered 1 9 5 & 8 were the only players to survive.

Wednesday 4 February 2015

#snaphappybritmums 1-15

Ok we failed on February snaphappybritmums but only as illness took hold of all of us and it's only just cleared. But here is what we did complete

Day one Sunday roast

Day two #bramleyapples we didn't have any but this is my apple tree

Day three #babysleep my sleeping James 

Day four the letter A. A is for Andy my husband and James daddy

Day five is now James is now watching Peppa pig again

Day six today is wear it red even though he is still in pjs they have a red top 

Day seven party this was my last single new year in 2007/2008

Day eight out and about ikea 

Day nine couldn't find snowdrops but I found snow. This was by our old flat

Day ten #raisesomedough we couldn't make bread but did make a cake

Day eleven is two. Here is the two of us

Day twelve is white so my slippers are white. Yes silly with a toddler. 

Monday 2 February 2015

New crayons from old crayons

Every child I know seems to have a box of crayons and if they are anything like James them about ninety percent will probably be broken. 

I saw on Pinterest about melting down old crayons and using ice cube moulds to make new shaped ones. Now our mould is heart shaped so we set about making our new from old crayons.

First we dug out all the crayons of the same colour but different shades, ie all the Reds, all the greens, all the blues etc.

We broke them and unpeeled the paper off them and put them into an old pan.

Then we tured the heat on low and watched them slowly melt. We used a wooden spatula to stir and mix the melted wax then we poured into our mould. 

We then put our mould into a ceramic dish and poured cold water round the side to help the crayons set.

Once they were set, we popped them out of the mould and hey presto new heart shaped crayons from old broken crayons.

Sunday 1 February 2015

Silent Sunday

Week six project 365

Day thirty two James and daddy watching wheels on the bus before breakfast. 

Day thirty three it's mother goose club again

Day thirty four looking for planes when half dressed 

Day thirty five its the duplo train

Day thirty six it's surprise eggs again

Day thirty seven fireman Sam before tea

Day thirty eight playing with the phone again