Friday 25 December 2015

Freddie one month old

Freddie you are one month old & it's your first Christmas Day. 

The past month has flown by! I really can't believe that you are a month old already. You hate being put down and like nothing more than being snuggled up on mummy's chest. 

You are still in newborn clothing and size 1 nappies. You are taking 4oz bottles every two and half to four hours. You have given us a few five hour blocks over night which is good. You get so grumpy if your bottle is taken away from you. You seem to be taking after your big brother and like music channels and of course the jingles on sky news - they seem to always grab your attention.

You love doing tummy time on your changing mat, which James hated till he was a few months old. Again just like James you have amazing head control and have done since the day you were born. We have had a few instances where you have tried rolling during tummy time, as much as I love you copying your big brother and his development I want you to slow down so we can savour every moment! I'm hoping you are not an early crawler like James! I'm not ready for two little boys following me around the house! 

You have been a bit poorly with a cold and now a cough but I suppose it's to be expected with a big brother bringing home germs from nursery. 

I'm so excited for Christmas and our family being completely. You have really just slotted in and it feels like you have always been here. I know you won't know what's going on but I'm excited for our day. 

I really wish your great nannie could have met you, I'm sure she would have loved you as much as she loved James. I hope when you are older you will like to hear about her & I'm sure James will teach you all the songs and things she taught him.

James is starting to get braver around you & actually let mummy and daddy give you both cuddles at the same time. Hopefully by two months old he may have actually given you a cuddle!

Love you lots my little Freddie Bear

Mummy xxx

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Freddie Three Weeks Old

Three weeks

So Freddie is now three weeks old! It's gone so fast. Andy has now been back at work a week & we are slowly starting to get into a routine in the mornings. 

Freddie now weighs 8lbs 2oz. He's still in newborn size clothing & wearing size 1 nappies. He's moved onto 4oz bottles, taking them every three to fours hours. We have had one episode where he went six hours over night, but he woke up in such a hissy fit, so trying to keep it to a minimum of four hours between feeds. He's got a bit of a cold which he picked up from James, it's making him very snotty & snuffly, so using saline drops to keep his nose clear. He's still very much a mummy's boy. He loves being in his baby carrier for the school run and loves being in his pram. We have had to buy a newborn snowsuit as the ones our friends gave us, which are 0-3 size, swamp the poor boy. He's still being really strong and lifting his head. He passed all his checks with the health visitor too! He's very alert when he's awake too! 

Mummy is doing really well three weeks on. I had my stitches out on day ten and everything is great. I only weighed myself a couple of times while I was pregnant & one of those was at the hospital the Friday before I had Freddie, so I was pretty surprised to find I was only 1lb heavier than my pre pregnancy weight fifteen days after having Freddie. I still get the odd twinges of pain,but only if I do too much.

James is still not impressed with his little brother. He is starting to get slightly better at times. He let mummy sit on the floor and build towers with Freddie sitting on my knee. Hopefully having two weeks of school with mummy & Freddie and a few days with daddy too will help him. 


Wednesday 2 December 2015

Freddie one week update

So our little man is now a whole week old! How is that possible, it feels like he's been here forever.

I'm going to write about Freddie first, then mummy, then James.

So at a week old Freddie now weighs 7lbs 4oz so he didn't actually lose any of his birth weight he gained 2oz. He takes 3oz feeds every three to four hours. He's wearing size 1 nappies and is wearing newborn size clothing. He is such a mummy's boy and likes nothing better than lying on mummy's chest after a feed for a snooze. He's not too impressed with his Moses basket, so he normally settles on me then daddy moves him into his basket. He had his heel prick at five days old and yes screamed his head off! Someone needs to remind Freddie that he is only a week old as he uses his legs to push himself up my body when he's lying on my shoulder. And like his big brother he has amazing head control for a newborn!

A week on for mummy from c section and I'm not feeling too bad. I'm getting out and about walking slowly normally just up to the nursery to pick up James. Still getting plenty of rest while Andy is off work and able to help with James! The dressing has been taken off and I'm using a maternity pad to cover the stitches to avoid catching them on clothing or James catching them.

We need to try and get ourselves organised a bit better in the morning as once Andy is back to work we will need to be out the door by half past eight to get to school on time!

James is still very unsure about his little brother. He always says good morning and good night to Freddie but still no kisses or cuddles. I know it's going to take time but hopefully we will get there!