Friday 25 July 2014

So decorating on hold.

Well today was the day we were meant to paper the chimney wall but it's on hold.

When we were stripping the old wallpaper off we found a hole in the wall at about foot height that looks like the troublesome previous tenant had put his foot through the wall then duct taped over the hole, painted it then wall papered over it. 

Lucky our landlord is going to get it fixed so hopefully in next couple of weeks we can finally get the wall papered and rug and new sofa bought.

It's driving me crazy it's all on hold due to someone wanting to cause damage to the property. 

All I want is my house put together and as for poor James well he's had no children's TV for well over a week and every morning there's been nearly tears at no Thomas, no noddy and no peppa.

Monday 21 July 2014

The lounge part two

So today we finally got cracking on the major prep work.
That meant sanding down all the wood work filling in all the holes and finally washing down all the wood work with sugar soap.

That took us best part of the afternoon thanks to an interfering toddler as we didn't have anyone to look after him.

Oh and excuse the semi naked toddler, we thought leaving him in just his nappy was the best idea as we were worried incase he mucked up his clothes. 

The jobs on the list for tomorrow are hopefully getting up early and getting a start on painting all the wood work, then while that is drying take James into town to buy the paint for the walls and the ceeling, so once he's in bed tomorrow night we can get the ceeling painted so we can get up on Wednesday morning and get the walls painted.

All being well the lounge will be all painted and papered by Saturday so we can finally order a new sofa and then we can make a start on the next room which is James. And I think that is going to be a lot of work too!

Sunday 20 July 2014

The lounge

So the renovations have started and we have a week to do our lounge! 

We went out yesterday and bought the wallpaper for our fake chimney wall, plus we bought all our rollers brushes and other little bits we may need. 

Andy started sanding down the paint work last night while I tried to settle James down for bed, unfortunately our little boy had other plans and decided he wasn't well. So today's plan of finishing off the sanding and popping into town to get the paint for the walls andceeling have been put on hold till tomorrow. 

I'm really hoping tonight we can get the rest of the sanding done so we can go out and get the paint for the woodwork tomorrow morning then we can start doing the painting tomorrow night when James goes to bed.

This is how the chimney wall is looking today.

Oh the silver thing is a string on a balloon belonging to James 


Silent Sunday

Friday 11 July 2014

House renovations.

We moved into our house almost three months ago and we are finally making a start on decorating and making this a home for us and James.

The rooms that need the most work are: the lounger/diner, our room and James room. The lounge being the biggest and also needing the most work is our starting point.

Andy is off work from next Thursday for a week so it's going to be all systems go.

We have already made a start by removing some of that ghastly wall paper and that is today's job. My dad is bringing his steamer down and we are stripping that all off so we can see what the walls are like underneath. Fingers crossed we don't need to put lining paper up as I think James would destroy it!

Keep a look out for my reveal post once it's all done and we have our new sofa!

Monday 7 July 2014

A bit about mummy

I blog all the time about James and what he's like but I don't think I have said much about me.

Well here goes... I'm 29 and originally from a place called Amble in Northumberland. I lived there my whole life till I went to university in Salford where I lived for three years. 

I loved it in Salford as I'm a massive Manchester United fan so being so close to the home of my idols meant I could go up to Old Trafford on home match days before and after the games to try and meet the players. I met Sir Alex Ferguson on many occasions and he is a lovely man. He made sure before games he spoke to each and every fan who was waiting for him. 

In my final year of my degree in Professional Broadcast Techniques, I actually got work experience with MUTV as a researcher on the documentary they were making about the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster in 1958. I loved every minute of my time at MUTV and would go back in a flash if I could!

I met my lovely husband not long after I finished university in 2008 and I moved in with him in his place in Walton-on-Thames the following January. We stayed in Surrey together till summer 2011 a few months after we got married. We then moved up to Northumberland and lived with my parents for a few months while Andy looked for a new job and we looked for a flat together. 

Our gorgeous little monkey James was born on 26th August 2012 eight days late!

So since James was born I have become self employed. My main job is as a web site designer and my little side job is making candles. 

The candles will be going up for sale soon so keep a watch out for my list of fragrances and colours! 

Thursday 3 July 2014

Back to toddlers

So after two weeks of not going due to dentist and broken buggy we have made it back to our toddler group today.

James was very happy to be back and was climbing out of his buggy before I even managed to get him unstrapped!

There was some new building blocks to play with and also some sticklebricks, which I used to play with when I was James age.

He loved playing with his favourite toy of the toy kitchen. He was also in the little tikes cars again. We are still debating if we should get him one for his birthday next month.

James is such a sociable little boy and seeing as he's still in his helpful phase he was trying to help clean up after snack time. 

Can't believe my tiny baby will be two next month though. He's such a little character and come on so much since he started the toddler group.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Nana's little helper

James is now at the age where he wants to help with virtually everything. His favourite job is going to put his nappies in the outside bins either at our house or at my parents house. He also likes to help nana put the washing out in the garden by handing her the pegs.

But his new favourite job is using the floor sweeper at nanas. Today James got his hair cut by his gaga and when it was nana went and got the floor sweeper to clean up the hair on the floor that James decided he wanted to do it. 

Later on we decided to go up to the local cemetery, to my mums grandparents graves. When we went up to put my nannies funeral flowers on their graves we saw the grave stones were in a bad state, really dirty and in need of a good clean. So my parents have been going up every few days with a cleaning spray and water and scrubbing them. The grave stones are so different now and can actually be read. Today James kept up his helping by holding the spare scrubbing brush and helping nana fetch clean water.

To get to the water tap you have to walk past the graves of the WWII soldiers. The photo below is James and his nana walking back with the clean water.