Sunday 29 March 2015

Moving update

So we are currently in the middle of buying our first family home.

We have been renting since we got together almost seven years ago and are currently in our fifth rented property together but our first house.

Seeing as our tenancy is up before we have completed on the house. All our furniture is going into the local safe store inNewcastle, while we go and temporary camp out at my mum and dads while waiting on the sale completing.

We made a start on packing up the house a few weeks ago and our dining room is currently piled high with boxes.

James seems to be taking it ok. We have been talking to him for a while about his new house, his new bedroom and his new garden. 

We started packing up stuff in his bedroom today and he was taking it pretty well. Most of his teddies been put into black bags apart from his favourites - Baby Tad, Mr Panda, Mr Moussey Supermarket & of course CB who will be coming with us to nana and gaga's house.

There's not much left to do, we are hoping to get our beds collapsed next weekend then it's all systems go for leaving the house and handing back the keys on 20th April.

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