Thursday 21 July 2016

What Freddie wore!

So today with the warm weather Freddie is wearing his dark blue jersey shorts from Asda, a blue and white stripped short sleeved vest also from Asda and his red and white funky giraffe dribble bib.

We got these shorts the other day in a pack of two, with the second pair being grey. The vest is pa t of a seven pack we also got the other day at Asda. 

I love the funky giraffe dribble bibs so much as they seem to be the only ones that Freddie does not soak through and they are so soft on his skin.

Most of the boys clothes seem to come from Asda, Tesco or Primark so I'm thrilled we have some awesome clothes from Rockin' Baby to review so keep an eye out for that coming up soon!

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