Thursday 29 September 2016

Deliveroo with Pizza Express

Pizza Express has to be my all time favourite pizza restaurant, so I'm thrilled that they are on Deliveroo and that we live in a Deliveroo area! 

Deliveroo have partnered with Pizza Express to bring you the exclusive 'Enta' pizza. The 'Etna' was dropped from the restaurant menu last year, but it's back via popular demand but via Deliveroo only! Andy loves a fiery pizza so he was thrilled to get to try this!

We decided to give this a test out on Tuesday night as we had both forgotten to get food out the freezer for tea and fancied treating ourselves once the boys were in bed! Although Freddie decided he wanted in on the pizza party and woke up just before the pizzas arrived!

Ordering was so easy! Once your account is set up you click the restaurant, then add the items you want to your basket and then pay! The app also gives you a countdown as to how long your order will be! You can also follow your order once it's been picked up via a map to see how far away from you it is! You can also leave delivery instructions. This was very handy for us as our street has no road so to be able to leave instructions saying how to access our street was brilliant and not many delivery companies offer this! 

When I placed our order at half past six the wait time was twenty five minutes and at ten to seven the Deliveroo driver rang our doorbell! The pizzas were hot! The 'Etna' was yummy, and certainly lived up to its name as I had to drink a glass of juice! 

This was the first time we had tried the Deliveroo service and I found it so easy to order from via the iPad app! There are two other local restaurants on the Deliveroo service so I am sure we will use the service again! 

To order your 'Etna' pizza either log onto Deliveroo by either the mobile app or visit You can also order via

Disclaimer: We were credited on our Deliveroo account to try this service and compensated for our time writing this post. All words and images are our own!

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