Sunday 26 March 2017

Freddie at 16 months

So the biggest thing that's happened with you this month Freddie is that you are now officially walking like a pro! You love nothing more than toddling around the house, very often you are following James! 

You are in mostly in 12-18 clothes, but I think you might be going to start wearing 18-24 soon in trousers especially! You wear a size 4 pull-up and a size 5 nappy. You are very hit and miss with your naps some days you will have two other days just one long one!

You start every night in your own cot, but normally end up in with mummy and daddy by 4am! You are teething badly again so as normal you have a nasty cold and snotty nose! You seem to be getting two more top front teeth taking you to a total of 13 teeth!

You have had your first sleepover with James at nana and gaga's house which went well! You slept for eleven hours straight through! I would love you to do that at home again! Mummy and daddy were meant to be going for a meal but both ended up ill. 

You are literally obsessed with your brother and love nothing more now than toddling up to him and putting your arms round him! 

We all love you so much Freddie Bear
Love always 
Mummy xxx

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