Monday 25 September 2017

Freddie at 22 months

My little baby bear how can you be 22 months old already! In eight weeks you will be turning two years old! The last two years have gone by so fast!
In the last month your speech has come on so much! You are always babbling your head off! Your favourite words are mum, daddy and gaga! You often pick up my iPad and shout gaga gaga till I out FaceTime on either nana and gaga!
You still absolutely adore your big brother and we have had some tears and tantrums when he goes into school as you miss him so much! Then once we get James home you are his little shadow! You never leave him alone!
You have mastered the stairs like a pro! There's been times you have legged it from mummy and I have found you sitting laughing at the bottom of the stairs! 
You are in all 18-24 month clothing with the odd 12-18 top still fitting. You are in a size 4 pull up, but have moved onto the 6+ nappy at night.
You love your milk and have a 9oz bottle at bedtime, with one beaker in the day and numerous cups of water! You love your food and are willing to try anything you are given! You definetly eat more than James at some meals! You are a big fan of fruit and veggies!
You are still very much a mamas boy, you like nothing more than snuggling up with mummy when you are tired, even if you do get muddled and call me daddy at times! When daddy gets in from work though you are his shadow and all I hear is daddy,daddy,daddy! 
You have been pretty poorly lately with upset stomach and a virus. I miss my happy little man.
We love you so much titch
Mummy xxx

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