Thursday 18 October 2018

Thomas Cook airlines

So we have just returned from a week in Alcudia, Majorca flying with Thomas Cook airlines from Newcastle to Palma.

The flight over was brilliant. At 0525 our boarding gate was announced and it was straight down and onto the plane. We did have to sit for about twenty minutes due to some air traffic control restrictions, but once we were pushed back that was it straight to runway and off.

The landing in Palma was very smooth and no sooner had we started the decent than we were on the ground.

The food was pretty good although Freddie did knock my cup of tea all over my trousers and the lovely lady sat next to me. He did mess around with his tray table quite a lot so I did have to use his magazines to distract him 

On landing though Freddie was a bit of a nightmare and he kept trying to climb out of his seatbelt to look out the window!

On the way back Freddie sat in his seat while the other passengers got on but I did have to distract him with snacks to stop him messing around with the tray table. Once we were in the air though I managed to distract him with Hey Duggee and In the night garden on his tablet along with the very hungry caterpillar game he has!

He wasn't that interested in his meal probably due to all the bear yoyo's and oat bars he had eaten before take off!!

However Freddie did actually fall asleep on this flight! Although it was literally twenty minutes before we landed!

Would we fly with Thomas Cook Airlines again? Yes I think we would!

Our plane back on the ground at Newcastle!

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