Friday 15 March 2019

Three Toys My Three Year Old Loves!

Welcome back to our fortnightly series on Things my child loves! This fortnight we are back to Freddie who is Three Years Old and This week its all about Toys!!

So with out further adieu - Three Toys My Three Year Old Loves!

First off we have his all time favourite - Moo! This is actually the cow Moo Moo from Doc Mcstuffins which the boys have actually never seen! Freddie did hook a duck at our local community fair last summer and he chose Moo as his prize! This is the teddy he takes everywhere! He will literally not go to bed without his Moo and if he can't find him he will shout "Moo where are you!" Moo even went all the way to Majorca with us and Freddie took him everywhere we went! So Moo went to the beach, the water park and the aquarium! When Freddie had his reins on, Moo was attached to them with a toy tie and when he was in the pram Moo was attached to the shoulder strap! He was even used as a pillow when Freddie fell asleep on the coach to the resort when we arrived and when he fell asleep on the plane on the return!

Next up we have his Ninky Nonk! Now Freddie is a huge fan of In The Night Garden especially the Ninky Nonk and Pinky Ponk! He got a small Pinky Ponk for his birthday, so when daddy saw the Ninky Nonk online we knew we had to get it for him for Christmas! Not a day has gone by since that he hasn't played with it! Each of the four carriages plus the front engine has a different activity. Freddie's so far seems to be the front engine as it has four buttons to press one playing the Iggle Piggle song, another playing the Upsy Daisy song, one playing the Makka Pakka song and the last one playing lullabies as it is also a night light! 

And finally we have Megablox. Freddie used to play with these all the time when he was younger and he went off them and we were actually thinking about selling them, but daddy came homw with a big box of them that he got at work and Freddie has got right back into them! He does have to fight with James to get near them as James likes to build robots and brick walls out of them using every single block but Freddie really enjoys building towers now just like James did at three years old!

Come back in a fortnight for six toys my six year old loves! 

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