Monday 26 August 2019

James You Are Seven!

Happy 7th birthday our darling boy. 

It really only feels like yesterday that you were born yet here we are celebrating your seventh birthday! 

You have grown up so much this last year, and I'm putting it down to all the confidence that you have gained since you joined our local Beavers colony. In the last year you have learned so much and done so many exciting things including an over night sleepover and an eight mile hike! You get so excited for your weekly meetings and the only one you missed was when we were on holiday! You have really been missing all your Beaver friends this summer and you cannot wait to go back next week once school starts back up!

You have such a lovely group of friends at school, but on a whole your class is basically one large friendship group. You all have such a strong bond with each other and most of you have been together since nursery, but you all pull newcomers in and befriend them. 

You are so tall compared to your short mummy and it won't be long before you are taller than me! You have had such a massive growth spurt lately that you have outgrown your school trousers! 

You absolutely adore your little brother now that he's older and the pair of you play so well together. This year he joins you at your school with him joining the foundation unit.

Happy birthday again my darling
Love always

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