Wednesday 26 August 2020

James you are Eight!

 Happy Birthday James!

Today you are Eight! I really cannot believe you are already turning eight! It really does not seem five minutes since you were turning one and now you are this tall, handsome young man. 

You have grown up so much this last year and have totally flourished at Beavers. In a couple of weeks you will be starting Cubs and you are so excited! 

This last few months have been probably the toughest and strangest you will probably ever live through. The sudden closure of school and the shut down of Beavers really knocked you for six. But I am so proud of how you have handled it all! You coped so well with the online scouting and made me so proud when you completed your Bronze award! 

You are now sharing a bedroom with Freddie and even though he annoys you most of the time, I am so proud of how you look after him. The lockdown has definitely made you two closer!

Happy birthday James

All my love 


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