Tuesday 8 December 2020

Christmas Gifts for Boys

So it's coming up to christmas and this year my gift guide is for boys! Since my pair are now five and eight, we are into getting them things that they can play with either together or on their own! This year this guide is in collaboration with Buzz Retail who have very kindly sent us a few things that the boys can play with together or apart!

First up we have Air Ball! Now this is something I think the boys are going to love! 

This can be played with on most floorings, the ball creates an air bubble underneath it, so its not actually on the ground it is actually hovering above!! 

I think the boys are going to have so much fun playing with this! Everytime one of them has a birthday they end up kicking balloons around the lounge and kitchen, so i think this is going to be a game changer as all we will need to do is keep replacing the batteries! This takes 4AA batteries which are not included!

This is currently retailing at £15.00 and can be purchased here

Next up we have Buzzing Stickerz.

Like most kids, James and Freddie adore stickers! I find them stuck all over the house when they get kids magazines containing them! In fact I still have Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly stickers stuck to the washing machine from when James was about three or four!

This kit can create over 180 3D holographic and metallic stickers! I can see this giving them hours of fun over the Christmas holidays especially if we are still in a high tier and not able to see nana and gaga!

This is currently retailing for £15.00 and can be purchased here

Next up we have Micro Jet!

This is aimed at ages 8 plus, so it is more something that James can play with , although I have a feeling Freddie will be trying to chase it!

James has been asking us for the last couple of years if he can have a drone, so I think this will be the next best thing for him till he is a bit older and can get an actual drone or he goes off the idea!

The drone itsself is rechargeable, but he remote takes 3AA batteries! I cant wait to see what the boys make of this come Christmas

This currently retails at £40.00 and can be purchased here!

And Finally we have Buzz Snow!

This is a polymer powder that when it is hydrated it looks and feels just like real snow except it never actually melts!

What we love about this is that it is eco friendly and non toxic making it safe for children and animals!

It expands to 100x its original size and will last up to two and a half weeks before it dehydrates and returns to its powder form ready to be hydrated and used again!

Where we live, we rarely get much snow, so something like this I can see giving the boys hours of fun, especially if we are stuck at home a lot over the school holidays!

This currently retails at £15.00 and can be purchased here!

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