Monday 22 September 2014

Family day out

So today is the last day of Andys week off. We have had a good week spending time together as a family and getting things done around the house, but sadly not the garden or the jungle.

We decided today to take James to the discovery museum in Newcastle. I have been before about 7 years ago though, so long before I met Andy.

It was pretty good day even though James fell asleep on the way back into town on our way to go get lunch.

One funny thing was when we were looking at a Newcastle United exhibition James started shouting lady lady and pointing. I looked over n saw no James wasn't pointing at a lady but a erm photo of Alan Shearer. Then the second time he did it again no not a lady this time a photo of Kevin Keegan!!!

We were meant to be having a day of no spending money bar the little bits we needed. When we got back home we had lunch then me and Andy started making some more bread. While the bread was on its first hour proving James decided to jump on me and rip my glasses of my face totally snapping one of the arms off. Andy had to tape it back on so I could nip into town and get the frames replaced. £46 the new frames cost. Needless to say James was all cuddly and clingy saying sorry mummy eyes broken. Pretty hard to be mad at his little face. 

So Andy is back to work tomorrow, still he is off this weekend so that's all good but it's back to full time web building for me tomorrow that's if James will stay with his gaga and let mummy and nana work. 

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