Saturday 2 May 2015

What's in our Changing Bag?

I have been meaning to do this post for ages but yep kept forgetting or as I was getting the bag to take photographs, James would run off with it.

I'm crazy about keeping the bag organised hence stuff being in ziplock bags pus it stops stuff getting messy.

There are six ziplock bags in our changing bag.

Bag one this has a spare stuff in, ie vest T-shirt pants and socks. Quite often if James does a wet through when we are out he tends to need a full outfit change.

Bag two this has his spare trousers in. 

Bag three this houses the pull up pants normally about three pairs as I sometimes forget to add more to the bag.

Bag four houses the calpol sachets. I never go anywhere without them especially when the boy has molars coming through.

Bag five the neufophen sachets again these go everywhere. If the calpol does not cure the teething pain then neufophen normally does.

Bag six has the dentenox eye wipes in. These are a god send especially if not just James gets sore eyes but the rest of us. 

A packet of Tesco baby wipes. These are the current ones.

Our skip hop wipes case which I actually use for nappy bags so I don't lose them.

There is also my old pink draw string bikini bag, which I use for throwing the wet clothes in as it can be hung on the pushchair handles, meaning it gets taken straight into the kitchen for washing. It may be odd using that, but I haven't found anything else as good for wet clothes.

So that's what I carry around for a two year old everytime we leave the house.

You might wonder why no drink or snacks? Well these normally go in the buggy basket so they are easier to grab when needed. 

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