Wednesday 22 July 2015

Daddy's ten days off!

So daddy has had this week off work. It's been so great to spend a big chunk of time together as a family. So what have we done this week!

Monday started with a trip to Pikku in Gosforth to get James hair cut. He was such a good boy we then took him to captain teds soft play. Then it was home for lunch and a chilled out afternoon before tea bath and bed!

Tuesday started with daddy giving mummy a lie in before breakfast and daddy finishing off painting what will be baby boy number twos bedroom. Mummy was downstairs sorting out the washing on the dryer while James drove his man car around the kitchen floor! Mummy then sorted out the baby clothes we have so far while daddy played with James. We went for a walk to local shops in the afternoon before daddy sorted out the shed and mummy started preparing her half of the tea.

Wednesday was a chilled morning after a disturbed night from James. We then went to meet nana and gaga in town for a bit then we came home. Mummy was ordered to rest while daddy and James watched cartoons and a Thomas film. James didn't nap so was in bed fast asleep by quarter past six.

Thursday started early with James waking up at half five. Daddy took James downstairs to watch milkshake at seven am n told mummy to have a lie in. Next thing mummy knew it was eleven am and James was having a nap. Rest of the day was spent chilled out at home watching TV.

Friday we got up and had breakfast before jumping on the bus to meet nana and gaga at the metro centre before going to IKEA to get some bits and pieces we needed for the nursery and other storage for the alcove at top of the stairs. 

Saturday started with a Tesco food delivery. Then mummy popped into town to pick up a birthday present for a friends one year old. James decided to stay at home with daddy and mummy got home to find fireman Sam on. Then our IKEA delivery arrived and the rest of the day consisted of flat pack hell!

Sunday was a chilled out morning before a yummy roast chicken dinner. We then spent the afternoon at the 1st birthday party of my old school friends little girl Bella, who was born at 23 weeks. We had a brilliant time. James and his gaga met Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the party but James was a bit scared of them up close.

Monday James woke up after seven for first time in ages! Nana and gaga picked James up about 11 so mummy and daddy could finish the flat pack without little hands and legs in the way. Baby boy now has a wardrobe and a kallax unit in his bedroom and clothes have started to be put away. We spent the afternoon once James was home watching Thomas tale of the brave again! 

Tuesday an early start from James of 0530am. We went into town to get James outfit for my friends wedding n start looking for mine. Found nothing for me but James got shoes trousers & shirt. We bought a few more bits for baby boy too. 

Wednesday this is daddy's last day off so we walked up to the retail park to go yo a few shops and pick up a few bits for the baby from TK Maxx and Matalan. Then it was home for lunch and Ben and Holly on TV for James. Mummy made a lovely chicken curry for tea. Then it was bath and bedtime for James!

We have had a lovely ten days with daddy off work and we are really going to miss him when he's back at work. 

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