Wednesday 29 July 2015

23 weeks pregnancy update

So I'm now 23 weeks pregnant so have 17 weeks left till we meet our baby boy or if he's like his big brother add on another week (James was 1 week 1 day late)!

So in the last couple of weeks we have started to prepare stuff as we worked out that Andy won't have another big chunk of time off till baby arrives. Andy finished painting the bedroom that will be babies. We bought the wardrobe and sorted clothes that a friend gave us.

We have started buying bits and pieces of clothing mostly sleep suits and vests. We picked up our changing bag last weekend. We went for the Babymoov Style after I read review from Jodie at 

James is starting to take more of an interest now we have chosen a name for little man, so has started saying good night and good morning to my bump.

Mummy is feeling rather large. Looking back at photos of when I was 23 weeks with James I'm definitely bigger this time. The bump is definitely starting to get in the way when cooking and especially bathing James. 

Baby boy has started getting very active over the last week and moving constantly as one minute the kicks are on my left hand side then next time they are on my right hand side. Hopefully he won't be like his big brother who spent the last 8-10 weeks of my pregnancy constantly on my left hand side and very low making walking and sitting very uncomfortable.

We have started gathering bits together for my hospital bag ie my wash bag as that was the part I left till last minute last time and forgot stuff. Have a rough idea about what I'm putting into babies bag.

So will update again in a few weeks!!!


  1. Oh thank you for featuring me. I still use my babymoov bag daily so it's a great choice!!

    1. Your welcome! We love the bag so impressed with the size! It's sitting in the baby's wardrobe ready to be packed with his stuff in for the hospital!