Tuesday 11 August 2015

25 week Pregnancy Update

I'm feeling so large at the moment! 

Over the last two weeks I have had bad pulled muscles in the bump which were so painful I had to ring community midwives. Turned out to be from picking up James too much. So I have had to seriously cut back on picking him up which has been so hard. Means no bath time for James when daddy is on late shift. 

I have been sleeping so much better since I got my giant U shaped pillow. It's supporting both the bump and my back. Can't believe it's only 15 weeks till due date, but I'm convinced little Mr H is going to be at least a week late.

Been getting a lot of kicks and squirms from baby boy! He's definitely getting more active! He seems to be at his most active on an evening when I'm settling James down in bed, think I'm going to have another Thomas fan on my hands as he kicks away while I'm reading Thomas stories to James.

Speaking of James, he has turned into a threenager over this last week! We have had serious rebelling against mummy and daddy. He's been climbing on daddy's desk and into the back window and standing on the window ledge. Then he discovered he could do the same in the front window which resulted on Saturday night with the curtain rail half down then on Sunday afternoon he pulled the whole thing down! Daddy put it back up, but no sooner had daddy left for work on Monday he pulled it completely down again! 

Over all I'm feeling pretty good. Next update will be at 28 weeks eek! 

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