Monday 2 November 2015

Half Term Holiday - We Survived!

Woo hoo as I write this James is back at nursery on the countdown to Christmas! This week is his nursery rhyme challenge on Wednesday which mummy is really looking toward to. Will be keeping my legs crossed to make sure baby stays put till after its finished!

I'm not going to pretend that the weeks holiday was easy, as it was far from it! Being 36 weeks pregnant with a energetic three year old to entertain was hard work! So much so me & James ended up going to stay with my mum & dad for a few days as after one day of no nursery I was worn out & exhausted!

It was great being able to relax as James only wanted his nana & gaga to play with him! He has them wrapped round his little finger! Whatever he asks for he gets lol! 

On Friday we took a walk to our new aldi, which has only been open a week as we needed to get some fruit. We then came home, had lunch & spent the whole afternoon watching Thomas films till it was bedtime! 

Saturday we got up & went back to aldi to do our weeks shopping. We then went home put it all away then went into town as we needed to get a present for James nursery friends birthday. We also managed to get a present for James to give his baby brother when he's born! We went to a little cafe in granger market for coffee, well latte for daddy & hot chocolate for mummy. Oh and yummy cake which James demolished as we think it will probably be the last weekend we get out just the three of us before baby arrives! 

Sunday James had a birthday party to go to at half past three, so we cooked a roast for lunchtime and chilled out for the day watching football till it was party time. James had a brilliant time at the party which was at the local sports centre near our house in their soft play! 

We also had a major breakthrough over the holidays - James stopped using his potty & started using the toilet instead! He also now asks for the toilet, which is a huge milestone as just a couple of weeks ago he was petrified! Daddy bought him a Jupiter from fireman Sam as a well done present! 

So he's back to nursery! Hope he's having fun and behaving! 

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