Friday 25 November 2016

Freddie One Year Old

Our darling Freddie Bear Happy birthday! Today you are a whole year old and what a year it's been!

You slotted into our family and completed us. Mummy daddy and James love you so much!

You have such a cheeky personality and a gorgeous smile! You love nothing more than getting attention from your big brother! You have blue eyes and light brown hair, nothing like James who has the blonde hair and blue eyes! 

So you are in a mixture of 9-12 and 12-18 clothes and size 5+ nappies! You are a speedy crawler and we definitely need eyes in the back of our heads with your! We take our eyes of you for a second and you are off! Either under daddy's desk, out an open door or climbing something!

You sleep has been pretty bad since u had the sickness bug. You simply refuse to sleep in your cot! The only places you will sleep are your pushchair, mummy and daddy's bed or mummy's arms! Poor mummy has spent many nights curled up on the sofa with you in my arms!

You absolutely love watching milkshake on a morning with James! You love Thomas and friends just like your brother! Sadly you also like Peppa Pig and have been known to say Peppa!

You can say a few words mama, dada, mum mum, gaga. Nana is most upset you haven't said nana yet! 

You love your food! Three meals a day plus deserts and snacks, but you are still having four bottles most days. Mummy is not worried about that as your brother was the same. He didn't drop down his milk intake till he was 14 months. Although now at four James is still a milk monster! 

It really does not seem five minutes since you were the tiny newborn lying on my chest, the last year has gone so fast! You are very much a mummy's boy and love nothing more than being snuggled up on my lap. You love cuddles of anyone who will give them! You quite often crawl off to your friends mums and give them cuddles at baby group. 

We love you so much Freddie Bear and I cannot wait to watch you grow into a wonderful little boy.

All my love 

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