Tuesday 20 December 2016

Santa's Odd List!

So it's the time of year when parents everywhere are taking their children to see Santa. 

This got me thinking about Christmases past and visits we have made to see Santa and the odd things my darling oldest son has asked for! Christmas 2014 when James was just over two, we took him to see Santa in a local shopping centre and he asked for milk and yoghurt! Then last year 2015 when he was just over three and Freddie was newborn, James asked for a white fire engine!

I decided to ask some of my fellow bloggers if their children had ever asked for anything odd or if I was the only one to have a crazy child! 

Amy from www.thesmallestofthings.com said Scarlett asked for chocolate because I wouldn't let her have any. So she said she'll put it on her kissmass list!

Jade from  www.lateforreality.co.uk said Ted's list has some odd things on. Marshmallows are one and 'so many books' is another. Today he asked for Sausage and Mash from Santa!

Kate from www.countingtoten.co.uk said M has just written her letter to Santa and all it has on it is a slap band. So her stocking can contain just one of those right? I can provide a pic?

Amy from www.2boys1mum.com said My eldest wants a real bell from Santa's sleigh so he knows that Santa is real. (He likes the book Polar Express!) 

Kate from http://myfamilyfever.co.uk said Max (3) has asked for spaghetti, a yellow pencil and a real Stegosaurus. 

Lucy from Http://mrshsfavouritethings.com said Last year Little Miss H asked for a block of cheese. We asked her if she wanted any special cheese. And she said no, just cheese. "I like cheese". We bought her a scooter instead. Bad mummy!!! 

Sarah from http://www.runjumpscrap.com said hmm possibly odd for a 3 year old...a chocolate fountain... what??  She knows she is not getting it as Mummy told Santa!

So it's not just me that's child asks for odd things! So relieved this year he actually asked for a game!


  1. How funny children are I do wonder what my son will ask when he starts talking more.

  2. He he! This is so funny, Rosalie hasn't asked for anything yet but I'm sure we will have this in years to come xx

  3. Children really do say the funniest things don't they?! All my youngest wants for Christmas is that stupid Doggie Doo game, i thought he'd change his mind at some point but that's literally all he's been asking for since summer! xx

  4. ha I haven't had anything too unusual. But it is a pain after my son saying he wanted a bike to literally today saying he didn't want a bike anymore... too late! lol

  5. Haha so funny! My daughter wants to buy her grampy crisps. They say the funniest things x

  6. My four year old asked for what he wants for Christmas which are toys but when it was his birthday all he wanted was chocolate cake.

  7. Haha! I love kids and how their little minds work

  8. My 3 year old for his birthday just demanded cake- I was more than happy to oblige!

  9. Hahaha I love this list. I can't wait for all the odd requests from my little one. I especially love the sausage and mash request. x