Wednesday 26 July 2017

Freddie at 20 Months!

So my little menace we are only 16 weeks away from you turning two! We have no idea yet what we are doing! When your brother turned two we went to York for the day, but with your birthday being winter and also during school term we can't really do that for you.

You are now fully off formula milk and are drinking green top cows milk. The next step is to get you off your bottles! You are taking all your water from a munchkin 360 and I have bought you two beakers with silicon teats to try and get you off your bottles at least during the day! So far you have actually taken to one of them pretty well and have most of you milk in the day time from it and only have a bottle at bed time or in the night if you wake up and don't settle back down.

Your sleep can be a little hit and miss, but most nights you sleep from between 7 and half past till at least 6 in the morning. We still do have the odd night where you like to have a rave between 1 and 4am! Generally this happens when you are teething or mummy has noticed if you get disturbed at bed time by your big brother acting up, then you are normally up and down during the night.

You are such a little menace, and accident prone! You just don't know when to stop! You gave yourself two bruises on opposite sides of your head when we were at James school for the singing picnic all because you wanted to run! You do not like to hear the word 'No' if we have to say no Freddie you generally answer with either yea or me.

You are in more 18-24 clothes and take a 5F in shoes. You wear a 5+ nappy at night and a size 4 pull up during the day! You haven't worn a sleep suit at night in a few months as mummy and daddy found trying to get you into one too much of a challenge as you definitely do not like having clothes put on! I think you would be quite happy running around wearing only a nappy.  

You love playing games with your big brother, oddly you seem to love him pulling you around the lounge by your ankles. When he does this you are normally laughing hysterically at him. You have also started to climb up onto the sofa next to James if  he is watching his favour YouTube video Scary Flying Shark!

You absolutely love going to our sure start group and I know you will miss going weekly over the summer as it changes to every other week so we only have three groups on over the holidays! But I think you will definitely enjoy the summer groups as you will have your big brother there to play with you! 

The next time I write to you Freddie you will be 21 months old and the summer holidays will be all bout over! 

Love you always my cheeky boy


  1. sounds like my youngest being accident prone - she is constantly covered in bruises!! x

  2. Aw happy 20 months Freddie. He is such a cutie. Its so lovely doing these updates as its so easy to forget the little things at least you will always have this as a little memory. xx

  3. Ahh happy 20 months Freddie! Sounds like he is doing great, and scary how much they change in the pictures so quickly!

  4. Aaw he's growing up so quickly! Sounds like he's doing really well x