Friday 25 August 2017

Freddie at 21 months

Freddie at 21 Months old!

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Freddie Bear you are 21 months old and we are now only 12 weeks away from you turning two! Your big brother is five tomorrow so there is three years three months between you pair!

You are definitely my Mr Mischief! You make James look like an angel at the same age! As soon as anyone opens a door you are off trying to escape! 

You absolutely adore you big brother and you are loving him being on summer holidays from school! You are going to be so upset when he goes back in ten days time and its back to being just you and mummy during the day again! Hopefully you will be starting playgroup for one afternoon a week from January, this will give mummy a few hours break to get stuff done at home that cannot be done while you are at home or you are napping!

You are still wearing a size 5+ night nappy and a size 4 pull up in the day. You hate having your bum changed and love nothing more than running away mid change! Most of your clothes are now 18-24 and there is also the odd 2-3 bit thrown in. 

We are going out tomorrow to for James birthday to xxx, so I hope you boys have a brilliant day! We still have no idea what we are going to do to celebrate you turning two!

We have had a brilliant summer going to soft play, the park, the Metrocentre, Sure Start and Warkworth Castle. You really love being outside and playing in water, so if we are somewhere with water then there is always spare clothes for you as you are sure to get soaking wet! You have been known to go into Sure Start dry and within minutes of you getting outside to the water tray you are soaked!

You are definetly still a mamas boy!

Love you always baby bear xx

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