Wednesday 27 December 2017

2017 Review of the Year - Part One!

Review of the Year 2017 January to June!

So what a year 2017 has been for us!! We have had lots of fun!

January saw Freddie try out a Puddle Ducks North East swimming class, which didn’t actually go to well and he cried for the entire session! We also wrote about how weaning was going at 13 months! We also reviewed the fantastic Dino Multi Bag by Zip and Zoe James loves this bag and is actually still using it for school now hes in year one!

February saw us commemorate the 59th Anniversary of the MUNICH 1958 air disaster, We also reviewed The Reward Box which we are still using now with James!

March saw Freddie turn 16 months and start walking! 

April saw us going to Cbeebies Land at Alton Towers so mummy wrote a post all about what we were takinging in our bags on the coach to keep James and Freddie amused! 

May saw us posting all about the fantastic time we had at Alton Towers and Cbeebies Land! We also wrote about how the Snoozeshade is not just for summer! This is a product that we are actually using all year round with Freddie as it keeps the sun off him in the summer and in the winter it not only keeps the low winter sun out of his eyes but it also keeps the nasty North East wind off him in the pushchair and keeps him that little bit warmer! This was the month that Freddie also turned 18 months old!

June - This month saw us writing about what James keeps in his Zip and Zoe backpack! Now hes in year one the contents of this bag has somewhat changed and I will be writing an updated post in the new year as to what James takes to school on a daily basis! We also started planning James fifth birthday party and also designing the invites!

Thank you for reading the first party of our Review of 2017 and Part two will be up in a few days!

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