Friday 1 December 2017

Taking Freddie Dairy Free!

Over the last year, Freddie has had a number of issues which we think are related to his intake of dairy.

Freddie was a brilliant baby, He slept well and had none of the issues with bring up his feeds like James did as a baby, then he hit ten months old and he had a nasty sickness bug and virus. After that his sleep went out the window and became terrible. As he turned one we tried to swap him from baby formula onto cows milk and straight away we had issues. He got constipation and literally didn't sleep at all well. We tried a few times and every time we had the same issues. 

We kept Freddie on formula milk till he was eighteen months old as our GP said and then slowly moved him onto green top milk. We still had major issues with his sleeping, but then we had constipation issues start! We even ended up at local hospital as he hadn't gone for a few days and he was in agony. The doctors prescribed movicol, but even with that there was still days when he didn't go and if he didn't, then he didn't sleep!

Now Freddie is two and lately he has been sicking up his milk, so we made up some milk, which was half milk and half water! Since we started giving this to him, he hasn't needed any movicol at all!! His sleep has also been so much better! 

So now after seeing a different GP who asked if there was any family history with dairy issues (yes there is!), has suggested cutting as much out of his diet as possible which is what we are now trying!

He's getting watered down green top milk in the morning and at night but there rest of the time he is getting water to drink, but we are looking for other drinks to give him and maybe an alternative milk to try! 

Another thing we need to try is new snacks! Freddie loves his fruit covered yogurt bites but since they actually contain dairy we have to stop giving them to him! 

So if anyone has any ideas of snacks we can try that are not too fiddly for me to make or any apps we can try to help us buy him snacks then please email us!


  1. My little son is three month now and we have the same issues. We switched to soy formula from now and it is getting better and better. Thanks to god! We will need snacks, too, later. I will follow your blog now and hope you will find alternatives, Freddie will love. :)

    1. Hi! We found some great fruit drops by whitworths in tesco and so far Freddie seems to love them! He also loves his raisens and fruit! Only problem is when he has an apple he eats the core and pips too!