Thursday 26 September 2019

An Update On Freddie's Allergies

Freddie was diagnosed with Non Ige allergies to Dairy, Soya and Wheat back in May and has been under the dietitian team since November 2018. He has been suffering issues since he was around six months old and it took us till he was two and a half to actually see the general paediatrics at our local hospital, who were the ones that referred him to the dietitian team. 

When he went to the hospital allergy clinic back in May, he was actually discharged by the registrar with no plans. When we went to see his new dietitian back in July she was not happy that he had been discharged and decided she wanted him to go back, but this time she wanted him to see the actual consultant. 

So the first week of James being back at school, Freddie's dietitian was going to be at a meeting that the consultant was going to be at and she spoke to her about Freddie. That evening I got a phone call from the dietitian saying the consultant was calling him back in on an urgent appointment. One week later and I got the appointment in the post for the following week. 

The appointment was last Friday afternoon and it went really well. They did all the skin prick tests that he should have had back in May and they all came back negative to the Ige Allergies or to put it into non medical terms  - they came back negative for immediate reactions which we were thrilled with. 

We now know for certain his allergies are the non Ige variety or delayed reaction. Now we are waiting for an appointment with a senior dietitian to start the slow process of trying to reintroduce dairy into his diet. Even if we could get it so he could tolerate milk in cooked food it would be brilliant. 

I will do another update once we have had this appointment and what the process is going to be. At the moment we are only looking to reintroduce milk. I think it will be a long process to add in soya and maybe wheat in the next few years. 

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