Thursday 13 February 2020

Freddie's Allergies update.

The last update I did on Freddie and his allergies was about six months ago, so thought it was time we did an update!

After Freddie saw the consultant back in September he was moved from the community dietitian team he had been seeing to the allergy clinic dietitians. We saw the head of the department back in November a few days after Freddie had his birthday. 

When we were there we discussed trying to do a wheat reintroduction starting in the christmas holidays. We had to first try with pasta, and if he didn't like that then try with bread. Freddie decided he did not like pasta anymore so we moved on to bread. He did so well with the quarter slice of bread, that we did the move onto a half a slice. Within a few days of going onto a half slice he obviously had a build up in his body and it started to react with him. 

He started being very grumpy and getting restless in his sleep again. Then he started waking up in the early hours to poop, which is not like him at all. It was always around three or four in the morning he was waking up and that was him actually up for the day! In fact one night he ended up pooping in his pull up. We then stopped giving him the bread. 

Over the weekend that we stopped it, his sleep started to get a bit better and after a few days his stomach started to settle down. I phoned his dietitian up on the Monday morning and told them what had happened and it was confirmed he had failed the reintroduction.

He now has an appointment on 16th March to discuss the next steps, which will be trying to reintroduce Soya and eventually try again the reintroduce dairy. 

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