Saturday 21 March 2020

AD - Review of Robberty Bobberty by Rachel Coverdale

Over the last few years, we have reviewed a couple of books by the author Rachel Coverdale, Who hides here? Footprints in the garden and Who hides here? Footprints in the farm. So when Rachel sent me an email asking if the boys would like a copy of her new book - Robberty Bobberty and Friends we were thrilled!

The book arrived while James was at school, so Freddie actually got the first look at it and he was thrilled! He kept shouting "Read it mummy!" 

Robberty Bobberty is the tale of a young bunny rabbit who has so much energy his mum tells him to go out and learn something new as he was under her feet! 

Freddie absolutely loved the story! The character of Robberty Bobberty actually reminds mummy of James and Freddie as both boys have so much energy and literally get under my feet if we are in the house!

The book has been illustrated by Shelly Oyston and her illustrations in this book are absolutely amazing! The detail that goes into each drawing is amazing! 

Both boys have loved the story and it has become a firm favourite with both of them! James is now actually able to read the book himself so mummy has to keep rescuing it from his book pile so it can be read to Freddie when he gets home from nursery!

Mummy absolutely loves this story and it is such a fun story! Well done Rachel on another fantastic book!

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  1. Thank you for your fabulous review of my little book. I'm so glad you and your children love it so much :)