Saturday 20 June 2020

[AD] Review of Robot Workshop by Ojo

Back at Christmas 2019, we received a brilliant coding game for James called "Which Way!" it was based on the Cbeebies programme Messy goes to Okido, James absolutely loved it and even now six months since he still plays with it often.

When Ojo contacted us and asked if James would like to try out another one of their games of our choosing I was thrilled. Ojo specialise in STEM and learning games. So even though they are really fun to play James is also learning something while he's playing!

The object of the game is to get from start to finish. When you roll the dice you move the number of spaces, but if you land on a mission card you have to complete the mission to move the rest of your spaces. If you fail the mission you have stay where you are and let the other players take their turns. 

 When you land on the mission card, you have to follow the instructions on the card and build the robot to meet the specification. Every player is given a core card at the start which is the robot's body, as you can see in the picture to the right, the core card on this robot was orange. From the instructions on the card you then have to choose a head, an arm and some legs. You then check the pictures in the back of the instruction book which contains pictures of all the robots for each mission. 

If you get the design right you can finish your turn. If you get it wrong, it passes to the next player who rolls the dice and moves their spaces. If they land on a mission card then the whole process is done again, build the robot, and check the design.

This game has been absolutely fantastic for James. He has had so much fun playing it. This is one of those games that can be passed down to Freddie as at the moment he is slightly under the lowest age limit for playing.

We will definitely keep on playing this game with James and I think it is something that I could actually borrow from him and take into a Beavers session! 

With James having a birthday in a couple of months time I am definitely going to be going to look for more Ojo games for him!

You can buy the games direct from Ojo or you can buy them on Amazon!

**We were sent this game free of charge in exchange for this review. All words and pictures are our own!**

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