Wednesday 25 November 2020

Freddie you are Five!

How is it your fifth birthday already gorgeous boy!

It really seems like yesterday that James was in reception and we were celebrating your first birthday and now it's you in reception! 

This last year has seen you attempt the soya ladder and pass steps one and two! You then sadly failed at step three twice! 

You are now sharing a bedroom with James, or well you are meant to. You still find your way in to mummy's bed or mummy into yours most nights!

You still love you cow Moo and sleep with it every night! 

You absolutely love going to school and have some lovely little friends. Two of which have siblings in James class. 

It's been a strange year with the Coronavirus lockdown, this gave us so much time together as a family safely locked away in our house. 

During this time you developed a love of the Red Arrows and you like nothing more than watching them on YouTube and telling us you are going to be Red 10! 

Happy birthday our gorgeous Freddie Bear

We love you so much xx

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