Thursday 25 December 2014

Christmas 2014

So that's it over and done with for another year!!

Next year I'm definitely going to try and be even more organised than I was this year even though I was still buying Andy little bits last week.

So was James spoilt??? Of course he was!
His main present was his own tablet! Yes I know he is only two but he can work YouTube better than me and I'm almost 30 (eek). He's spent last few months totally obsessing over my iPad and daddies Google nexus wanting to watch his nursery rhymes and also helicopters, fire engines and erm bin lorries on YouTube, so getting him his own seemed like a brilliant idea as it would stop him stealing ours and also means I can get some work done using the iPad again!!

He also got a remote controlled car from Andys parents and a digger, a fleecy jacket and best of all his very own camera from my parents! My best friend got him a thomas book with some figures which he loved and my mums sister got him a my first drum kit lol which will probably be going to live at nana and gagas house in the near future!!! 

We were expecting an early start from James as he normally wakes up between half five and half six, but no today he decided to sleep in and wake at nearer to eight am!! He must be taking after his mummy as apparently when I was a child my parents would have to wake me up on Christmas Day!!! 

Other little bits he got were some push along thomas and friends trains -Thomas, Percy mad Harold, a George pig dressed as Mr dinosaur, and probably his all time favourite - grandpas little train. He loves the train so much lol the episodes about it in peppa are his favourites now he can play with it and sing the song all day long! 

I'm just wondering when I'm going to have to change the batteries in it as it's been on all day!!!

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