Wednesday 2 December 2015

Freddie one week update

So our little man is now a whole week old! How is that possible, it feels like he's been here forever.

I'm going to write about Freddie first, then mummy, then James.

So at a week old Freddie now weighs 7lbs 4oz so he didn't actually lose any of his birth weight he gained 2oz. He takes 3oz feeds every three to four hours. He's wearing size 1 nappies and is wearing newborn size clothing. He is such a mummy's boy and likes nothing better than lying on mummy's chest after a feed for a snooze. He's not too impressed with his Moses basket, so he normally settles on me then daddy moves him into his basket. He had his heel prick at five days old and yes screamed his head off! Someone needs to remind Freddie that he is only a week old as he uses his legs to push himself up my body when he's lying on my shoulder. And like his big brother he has amazing head control for a newborn!

A week on for mummy from c section and I'm not feeling too bad. I'm getting out and about walking slowly normally just up to the nursery to pick up James. Still getting plenty of rest while Andy is off work and able to help with James! The dressing has been taken off and I'm using a maternity pad to cover the stitches to avoid catching them on clothing or James catching them.

We need to try and get ourselves organised a bit better in the morning as once Andy is back to work we will need to be out the door by half past eight to get to school on time!

James is still very unsure about his little brother. He always says good morning and good night to Freddie but still no kisses or cuddles. I know it's going to take time but hopefully we will get there! 

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