Monday 2 May 2016

Using the Yoomi Bottle a Review!

So this post is all about how to use the Yoomi Bottle.

To be honest it is so simple. All you do is charge the warmer, Pour in your feed and put the cap on, press the orange button, wait till the button turns blue, put on the cap, tip upside down for 30 seconds and then feed!

Our Review

On first impressions I was thrilled with the bottle, We have had some abnormally cold weather for April, so even having the feed in the bottle bag on my changing bag on the way to our weekly groups, the feed has still had time to chill especially as we normally have half an hour to wait for most groups between dropping James off at nursery and the group starting.

I found charging the warmer pretty easy. I charged it for the first time once both the boys were in bed, as I knew trying to do it with James around he would distract me and I would probably muck up the charging times. 

When I came to use the bottle for the first time I made sure I took the instructions with me so I didn't have a chance to muck it up! at first Freddie was pretty confused when he suddenly got a different bottle in his mouth to what he was used to. 

The feed I put into the bottle for him had got chilled in the bag while we were on the school run and he wouldn't take it as it was too cold for him as he normally has all his feeds at room temperature. Using the bottled warmed it up to a nice temperature for him. 

The warmer stays warm for an hour, which is great for Freddie has he likes to take half his feed then have a rest then finish the rest about half an hour to an hour later. 

I found it brilliant that I could heat up the feed there and then, so I didn't have to leave Freddie either unattended or with one of my mummy friends while I warmed his feed up!

I have since taken the bottle to our three weekly groups meaning Freddie has always had a warm feed especially on these abnormally cold April days we have had this year. 

Over all I am 100% thrilled with this bottle and will continue to use it at our groups and in the house when I need to!

Sadly I don't have any photographs of Freddie using the bottle when we are at our groups as we are not allowed to take our own photographs in the Sure Start centres. 

Disclaimer: We were sent the Yoomi bottle kit free of charge in exchange for our honest review. All words are my own.

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