Wednesday 27 April 2016

Freddie at five months!

Oops I'm a few days late posting this!

Five months Freddie how is that possible! It feels like it's gone In a blink of an eye! 

You are already growing out of 3-6 month clothing from primark! So you are in a mixture of 3-6 and 6-9. You are in size three nappies and take 7oz bottles every three to four hours! You are mostly sleeping from between six thirty and eight on a night till between six thirty and seven thirty the next morning. It's scary that you are fitting into a 6-9 t-shirt that didn't fit James till he was 11 months old.  

We have started weaning you onto solids. I was hoping to wait till six months like the guidelines say but you were downing 7oz feeds every 2-3 hours. We gave you a taste n you loved it. Taking it very slow and introducing new flavours slowly. You are now getting a small breakfast of either baby porridge or fruit purée and baby rice. And then a savoury vegetable at lunchtime. Going to keep you on this till you are six months then introduce you to finger foods and more baby lead weaning. So far you love sweet potato, but not too impressed with courgette. Mummy has a freezer draw full of puréed foods in ice cubes just for you! 

You are teething big time so you always have some sort of bib on as you are a dribble monster. You had a brilliant time at nana and gaga's wedding anniversary party. You were such a happy boy, you were awake most of the afternoon and evening with short naps in your pram. The only time you cried was when your gums we're hurting. You were giving everyone big smiles and coos. 

You are not the biggest fan of tummy time unless it's on mummy. You love your baby gym and also sitting in James old snug chair! 

We have bought a connecta baby carrier which you love! We use it around the house and for popping to the shops. I hope by the time you are six months we may be using it more out and about. 

You are still very much a mummy's boy, and like nothing better than cuddling up to mummy on an evening on the big bed to have your last feed. You adore you big brother and are always smiling at him and cooing to him. 

James has started to pay you more attention and give you kisses, especially when we take him to nursery! He loves pushing your pram around the yard in the morning!

I can't believe next time I write to you, you will be six months old! Half a year Freddie! We will soon be on the countdown to you turning one! But first we have you big brother starting primary school! I'm so pleased he got into our first choice school, which means in a few years time you will be following in his footsteps and attending the nursery there!

Love you always my little bear cub

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