Sunday 26 June 2016

Freddie at Seven Months

Freddie Bear how can you be seven months old!

You are now in size four nappies. I haven't had you weighed at baby clinic for a few weeks as I haven't been able to get an appointment, but we got the scales out at fun, play and learn last week and you were 17lbs 5oz! You are in all 6-9 clothing with the odd 9-12 top thrown in from primark! You seem to be a size ahead in their clothing! You love your food and are eating three meals a day. You are still having five bottles most days but only having 5oz instead of 7oz. 

You can sit unaided for a few minutes till you get distracted and topple over. You have also discovered rolling from your back to your tummy! Now everytime you are put on your back you flip over, it makes dressing you and changin your nappy very challenging! You can also move yourself around in a circle on your mat or a blanket. You love your baby gym and your infant to toddler rocking chair the most.

This month you have finally moved into your big boy cot in your very own room! The first night you woke at 0230am, so came in with mummy & daddy. The second night you woke up at 0430am and again came in with us. But the third night you slept from half past eight till half past six! Mummy and daddy are so proud of you! 

You experienced the swings at the park for the first time. You were not impressed with the big swings, but you loved the basket swing! You loved it even more when you got to swing on your big brothers knee! 

Your favourite person is definitely your big brother! You save all your best smiles for James! You can never take your eyes off him. 

You love going to our baby groups and are really taking an interest in playing with the other babies! 

You have been to two fairs and slept through most of both! You are not liking your stroller one bit as you can't see mummy to chat with!  So I think we will be sticking with the pram for a while longer!

Love you always my little bear

Mummy xxx

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