Saturday 4 June 2016

Freddie's Firsts with #PetitsFilousFirsts

We are experiencing so many "Firsts" with Freddie at the moment. He's now six months old and well into his weaning journey. Some of his first foods have been mango, apple, sweet potato and courgette. 

My First Petits Filous have come about at just the right time as we are starting to introduce a pudding to Freddie after his evening meal. We always have some sort of fromage frais in the fridge with having a three year old, but these are perfect for introducing to Freddie, plus James is the type of boy who does not like sharing his food! 

Where we live, we have some brilliant groups to go to & this is where Freddie has been experiencing most of his "firsts". In the last few weeks he has experienced gloop (cornflour and water), he's had his hands and feet in jelly, he's had his feet painted, he's sat in cornflakes, the list goes on! Being in a sure start centre I was sadly not allowed to photograph him in the jelly but I will be recreating at home so his daddy can see his reaction! 

The consistency of the My First Petits Filous is brilliant for a baby if Freddie's age! It's not as thin as some fromage frais, which means it does not fall off the spoon! Even when I mixed fruit purée into it, the consistency did not thin down! This has been one of the things Freddie has eaten the most of lately as he's finding it so hard to suck on his bottle with his tooth coming in.

Not only has Freddie experienced his first Petits Filous, but he also had his first Yorkshire Pudding! He sucked on it and loved it! We went for a meal out for his nana's birthday and he had his first broccoli and even more Yorkshire pudding! 

Now he's tried the My First Petits Filous on its own, we have experimented and mixed it with one of his favourite fruits, mango! This went down brilliantly! Freddie gobbled it down! The cool temperature was really soothing on his sore gums.

Freddie has had two really big "Firsts" this last week. He's had his first trip away from home to stay at his nana and gaga's house, which was also first time not in his crib. But the biggest has to be his first tooth starting to cut through his gums. And for Freddie it's one of his top front teeth coming first! 

I love celebrating all the "Firsts" for both my boys, James has a big one come September - his first day of big boy school in reception class! 

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  1. Lovely to hear about special firsts. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part