Sunday 25 December 2016

Freddie at 13 Months

Well Freddie you are now thirteen months old! How did that happen! It's also your second Christmas Day so Happy Christmas gorgeous boy!

So since you turned one we have had to finish our baby social group at sure start. We had a lovely last session with your little pals who sang happy birthday to you or well their mummies did! We still have our fun, play and learn on a Thursday morning so we get to see lots of your pals there!

You are still in 5+ nappies and now well into 12-18 clothes! You are such a speedy crawler and a demon climber! We cannot take our eyes of you for a second! You have seven teeth and are a bit of a biter! You love nothing more than climbing onto mummy and biting my shoulder! You also love FaceTime! You have been known to hit the iPad screen and end up calling people! Normally it's your nana and gaga!

You can say mama, dada, mum mum, brubre, gaga. Nana is still a bit upset you won't say nana but you have said it once!

You are still very much a mummy's boy and you go mental if I leave the room. You love being chased then picked up going gotcha! You are very ticklish and have the adorable giggle! You love it when James tickles you! 

Your favourite foods are pasta, melon and apple! You just love your food!

Love you so much 

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