Tuesday 14 February 2017


Winter is definitely not my favourite time of year! With two boys, one being at school, someone is always ill.

As soon as James was back at school last September he was bringing home germs and passing them onto mummy, daddy and Freddie. I was praying we all stayed healthy this winter but alas we have all been ill! James and Freddie have both had numerous colds and sniffles, both boys have inhalers, Freddie just blue and both blue and brown for James as he seems to suffer badly! Daddy has had colds and flu and mummy coughing and colds! 

Winter 2015 was a bad one for us as Freddie caught a cold at 6 days old, which progressed into Bronchiolitis two days after his first Christmas and then him and mummy had a three day stay in hospital.

My best trick for winter is definitely a fully stocked medicine box! Our number one supply is definitely Vicks vapour rub for James, mummy and daddy. We also have snuffle babe for Freddie as he is under two.  Liquid paracetamol is definitely another lifesaver! James has a generic versions, but we have to give Freddie colour free calpol as colourings in medicine seems to make him vomit. We then have things like paracetamol for mummy and daddy, olbas oil, tissues, ibruprofen, cold and flu tablets, cough medicine and of course sticky plasters! You definitely need a supply of sticky plasters with a school boy! 

We have tried the good old Vicks vapour rub on the feet and cover with socks trick a few times, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It seems to work more with James than Freddie. 

This is our entry for the #VicksTricks campaign with Britmums

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