Sunday 25 November 2018

Freddie at Three

Happy 3rd birthday our darling little bear!

I know I always say it does not seem five minutes since your last birthday but it really feels like this last year has flown by!

Your speech has come on so much this last year! Especially since you started playgroup back in January! Come this January you will get your free 15 hours so you will be spending more time away from mummy at playgroup with your little friends!

You are still wearing a size 4 pull up in the day and a size 6+ nappy at night. You have been wearing 3-4 clothing since the middle of the summer and you are definitely so much taller at 3 than James was! Next September you will start the nursery at James school which we are all excited for! 

You hate your bedroom so you are currently crashing in mummy and daddy's room while we start getting James bedroom ready for you to move in there with him. You always share a room at Nana and Gaga's house with James so we think it will do you good to share with him at home!

You had the best time when we went on holiday to Majorca! You loved the pool and the beach so much and well you had the best suntan out of the whole family even when you were wearing a factor 50 suntan lotion!

You were a little monkey on the flight over to Majorca when you wouldnt sit in your seat for landing but on the way home you actually fell asleep and slept through landing!

You definitely love your food and literally never stop eating when you are at home! Sadly we discovered you are intolerant to bananas which is a shame as you love them, you cry your eyes out when mummy says no to having them!

You are definitely our little monkey and you love to answer back when we ask you something! You and James are best friends and you love nothing more than driving mummy potty together.

We love you so much Freddie Bear 
All our love
Mummy Daddy and James xxx

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