Tuesday 20 November 2018

It All Starts In Childhood

It’s essential to consider how important it is for your child to begin nourishing their personality when young. Does this mean they should miss out on a childhood in order to focus on a huge range of hobbies and sports you’ve pushed them into? Absolutely not. Does this mean you need to micromanage and choose every single interest they curate? No way. Does it mean being present and allowing your child more options and paths to go down? Definitely.

There’s quite a defeatist joke which suggests ‘school is where you send your child to be raised by their peers.’ This is not true, but perhaps something you can smirk to upon hearing it. However, there is a truth that the content of someone’s personality is often dictated by large swathes of their childhood. For that reason, as a parent, it’s essential to consider:

A Great School

Your child needs to attend a great school. It might sound like the only way you can attend a great school is to pay for boarding, but that’s not always the case. A great school is one that cares about your child’s development, has a healthy approach to discipline, and has a history worth boasting about. It might be that a school with a distinct social setup such as the Leicester High School for Girls could be the perfect place for your daughter to attend, or that a school focused on a certain specialism, such as a strong musical background, can help your child develop their interests. Of course, sometimes a school is worth moving for. Remember, the school has a deep impact on how the child develops. You can probably trace certain aspects of your personality to the school you attended, and the interests you curated. Be sure to research diligently, and weigh up your options. A promising choice here can truly make all the difference in the end.

Learning By Osmosis

All children learn by osmosis. What does this mean? Well, interests you are passionate about will likely and largely become interests they also develop. Learning by osmosis isn’t hard to consider or picture. It simply takes the right attitude, the right mindset, and the right willingness to make things work. You need to show passion and include them if interested. If you’re a musician, allowing them to start lessons if they inquire, having family jam sessions, among simply encouraging them to play in a relatively hands-off sense can make all the difference towards their development and can grow an interest healthily.

Never Restricting

Never restrict that which they’re interested in. An interest is something like a plant bud slowly growing. It can turn into a strong tree if you’re careful and allow them the right exposure. Don’t reprimand them for liking something. Try to facilitate their interest as best you can. Even if you can’t quite afford a brand new guitar, there are always second-hand options available. This example can be given to so many different things, and over time could help your child become the person they were always meant to be.

With these simple tips, your son or daughter’s childhood is sure to foster their development well.

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