Thursday 7 February 2019

Help James practice his writing with Mrs Mactivity

With James being the youngest in his class, he does struggle quite a lot with his writing and also his reading. He likes being read to but if you try and get him to read to you he out rightly refuses, so it is often a battle to get him to do his school reading on a night and even more so on a school holiday.

So when Mrs Mactivity asked us to review their activity site, we jumped at the chance, especially as we are now in a SATs year at school.

One of the main things James struggles with his his writing so the first thing I downloaded for him was the year 2 common exception words handwriting practice sheets.

James tends to do his homework on a Sunday morning so when he finishes we get the sheets out and he does some handwriting practice.

 There are five sheets in the pack 2 full pages of words for the child to read, trace and then copy. There is also a half page and a blank sheet where you can set your own words. 

James will tend to do one sheet each week and we have definitely seen an improvement in his handwriting. He can write so neatly when he puts his mind to it and concentrates. He also has a reward box and when he has finished his homework and his sheet we will award him a set number of stars.

This is the sheet he did after his last lot of homework and I was seriously impressed with how neat his writing has become since he started using these sheets! 

With 2019 being his Key Stage Two SATs we will definitely be using the Mrs Mactivity resources to help prepare him for the up coming tests. 

Access to Mrs Mactivity costs £9.97 per year and can be purchased here

**We were gifted a one year subscription to in exchange of this review**

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