Wednesday 13 February 2019

The Tesalate Towel

**Ad - We were gifted our Tesalate Towel for this review!**

With summer fast approaching and many people booking their summer holidays beach towels are in the shops! 

I know when we were away last October we had to deal with towels not drying during the day after we had been in the pool and even the next morning they were still slightly damp. And don't get me started on going to the beach and how much sand would be lugged back to the hotel in our towels!

This is where the Tesalate towel comes in! It's compact and lightweight, plus it comes in its own little carry pouch! The absorbLite’s engineering allows for sand to slip off easily. So you really will leave the beach at the beach.

And its ultra absorbent. This towel will retain up to a litre of water. So the wetter you get by the pool the better really as this towel will get you dry!

Tesalate are an Australian company and the towels are shipped from Australia when you order via the website. We did our order on a Sunday night in the UK which was Monday morning in Australia and our towel arrived at our house via parcel force on the Friday morning UK time. 

I have been using my Tesalate towel after I have been in the bath or shower to see if it really did work and dry quicker than my traditional bath towel and it sure did! I was using it at around 6am and putting it onto my towel rail on the radiator and when I got back from the school run at 9am it was bone dry and ready to be used again!

The Tesalate towels retail for £49 and can be purchased from

The lovely people at Tesalate have given us a 15% discount code, all you need to do is enter vickih15 at the checkout! This is an affiliated code so we would receive payment of $10 Aus for each towel sold. 

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  1. These are fantastic towels. I have one and it is so quick at drying and is so light too.