Thursday 14 November 2019

(AD) Christmas Gift Guide for 7 Year Olds

So its nearly Christmas and parents all over are trying to work out what to get their kids for Christmas. As a parent of a 7 year old I sometimes struggle with what to get him. I'm hoping that some of the things in this gift guide will give other parents of 7 year olds some good ideas on what to get them for Christmas or even 7th birthdays!

The first item we are looking at for James is Little Brain Paint Sticks. He has seen these advertised on TV for months and they look brilliant! 

Science Mad Chemistry Lab. James has started to do science at school this year and they have been doing experiments in their classroom. 

Even though this is for age 10+ we felt it was something that James would get a lot out of and that it would help him with his education. He has really taken to starting science this year in year 3 and he comes home raving about what he has been doing. A few years ago, James had a volcano kit when you added water to the two chemicals and it flowed like lava.

Then we have Heelys! Now James only found out these existed a few weeks ago when he saw his school friend with a pair on one night when we were on our way to Beavers. 

He had been asking for roller skates but we figured something like this would be safer for him! I cannot wait to see his face when he opens these. James unfortunately has inherited his clumsy gene from mummy, and mummy thought if he had roller skates he would probably end up in a&e with a broken bone!

Next up with have Paint Sticks from Little Brain. James has seen these advertised for months on TV and has been banging on about us getting some. 

The reason I like these is the fact they are twisty like crayons and you don't need water or brushes. I have always avoided paint with the kids, but these are something I can see James having a lot of fun with. 

Then we have the Which Way Game. This is another STEM item which we think is fantastic. We have been looking at a lot of STEM items for James this year as he is now in Year Three at school and we want him to enjoy his learning at school and at home. 

Its based around a programme on Cbeebies called Messy goes to Okido. The aim of the game is to help Messy get across the board to his friends.

Its aimed at 4-8 year olds so I can see this being something we can play as a family to teach both boys coding skills. Four fantastic new games from OjO for STEM fans are open for investment through the Kickstartercrowdfunding platform until 25th November 2019.

So these are just a few items that would be suitable for boys and girls aged seven plus. I think James is going to really enjoy using these. 

**We were sent these items free of charge in exchange for featuring in this Christmas 2019 Seven Plus Gift Guide**

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