Monday 25 November 2019

Freddie you are Four!

Freddie Bear today you are four years old! And you are actually in nursery for three hours as well! I hope you are having a great day with all your little friends!

Its so crazy that you are four years old already! You started the primary school nursery at the start of September and you have settled in so well. We already have your school reception place application in for next year and we know you will love the school as much as your big brother does!

You get so excited to go into nursery every day and you are already leaving me at the classroom door to go in to play with all your new friends. That is something James never did at all when he was in nursery! Your two best friends at Nursery are actually the little brothers of two of James classmates. You three are as thick as thieves and get so excited when you see each other on a morning! You do not like coming home from nursery and someday's you get quiet upset about coming home. I wonder if you will still think the same next year when you are in reception!!

This last year has gone so fast, you are now fully potty trained in the day time and are dry quite often overnight as well! Once you were reaction clear with your allergies potty training was easy. You will use both the toilet and the potty and when we are out you will confidently stand up to wee at a big toilet!

We will be starting to think about reintroducing milk into your diet soon and mummy is pretty on edge about it, but this time its going to hopefully be more closely monitored. Taking wheat out of your diet at the beginning of this year really helped your stomach. 

You are so stubborn and will always answer us back and argue with James! If you do not get your own way boy do you let us know. You absolutely adore your big brother and you get so excited when the alarm goes off on mummy's phone when its time to go and collect him although there have been a few times when you have wanted to leave him at school!

Happy Birthday our gorgeous little man, we love you so much
Mummy, Daddy and James 





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