Tuesday 15 September 2015

Nursery induction- The Home Visit.

Yesterday morning we had our home visit from James new nursery teacher and nursery nurse. James being typical James decided he was going to spend the whole visit hiding under daddy's desk. This is pretty normal when someone comes to our house.

There was lots of questions on things he likes doing, what he likes to eat, what he's scared of etc. 

We also went through his routine ie bed times what time he wakes up. His favourite things to do ie trains, diggers, cranes etc. the teacher was telling us about a construction are they have this term. I think James is going to love it as he loves nothing more than building towers & bridges. His favourite toys are his digger, his trains & his crane! 

Even though he spent the whole time hiding he is very excited about going to the nursery on Wednesday for his hour, the big test though will be next week when he goes in for two hours, which will build up to the full three hours for a full start on Monday 5th October! 

I'm really excited for this new chapter that is starting in our lives. I think once James gets used to the new routine for mornings where he will have to be up,fed & dressed then put the door by half past eight I'm hoping he with start to thrive! 

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