Saturday 12 September 2015

Potty training - three weeks in!

So three weeks and two days after we took a tough stand on James and his potty refusal it looks like we have finally had a breakthrough!

This week he has been brilliant! We have been getting both number 1 and number 2s on potty. There has been less reminding him and asking him to go. There has been a lot of going on his own free will.

But the biggest breakthrough was yesterday (Friday 11/09/15) when we were out, he used one of his travel potty seats for the first time! Before that he would hold it in till we got home and he could use his potty.

We are so proud of him and how quickly he has adapted especially as he starts nursery school next week! 

The next step is getting him to use a seat on the toilet at home. I think this may take a while as our toilet is pretty old and high, so we may have to purchase some sort of higher step for him.

I'm so glad he is out of nappies/pull ups during the day! Especially as his little brother is due in 10 weeks time! (I'm saying more like 12 weeks as I'm convinced he will be two weeks late!)

So onto night time well surprisingly he's quite often dry in the morning. I would say normally five mornings out of seven when we take his night nappy off it is bone dry! I'm not ready to take him out of nappies all together at night just yet. I think once he is dry every night for a few weeks then we will consider it. 

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