Tuesday 1 September 2015

Potty training Mr Stubborn!

When it comes to potty training, James is definetly Mr Stubborn! 

We first got his potty chair from mothercare in summer 2014 just before he turned two. Having it around the house was pretty good, but James was showing no interest in learning how to use it. 

As his third birthday started approaching I started to panic a little about having to send him to nursery wearing pull-ups, as well some days he could get through three pairs in an hour! We decided that the day after he turned three there would be no more pull-ups! 

We are now six days in & today we only had one little accident! We still haven't left the house yet, that will happen on Thursday when James goes to tesco with his gaga while mummy goes for midwife appointment.

Will do a training update in a couple of weeks! 

Trouser less till we can master staying dry! (Yes he is sat on a towel!)

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