Sunday 12 November 2017

Cuddleroar Review

Bathing a wriggling toddler can be such a nightmare! Especially when it comes to getting them out and dry!! Freddie is about to turn two and so getting him in and out of the bath can me fun! Especially when it comes to the getting out part as normally mummy or daddy ends up soaking wet!!
So when the lovely people at Cuddledry got in touch and asked if we would like to review the Cuddleroar towel with Freddie we jumped at the chance!!

When the towel first arrived Freddie couldn't wait to put it on actually over the top of his clothes!

What mummy loves about the towel is  the fact it contains bamboo fibre and cotton, meaning its silky soft and 60% more absorbent than just cotton on its own! It also has a super absorbent cosy hood to dry hair and keep warmth in! Its from walking to age three, but as we discovered it actually still fits our five year old James as well and he is pretty tall for his age! And of course it is super fluffy and cosy!!

Freddie loves bath time and even though he has the super cosy Cuddleroar, he still hates getting out the bath, but it definitely stops us having a naked toddler running around the house as when using a normal generic bath towel on Freddie he normally manages to squirm out of it and run around naked! But since the Cuddleroar has the press stud on the hood to keep the towel on, he can still run around but he is running around with a towel still on!

I wish we had invested in one of these when James was tiny as he was definitely a runner after bath time too!

The Cuddleroar is available
to purchase direct from Cuddledry for £34.99 and can also be found on Amazon!

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  1. We have this exact same towel, we got it for Jacob when he was about 18 months and it's still getting used now he is three xx