Saturday 25 November 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Freddie

Happy second birthday our darling boy.
Today you turn two years old and it has literally been the fastest two years of my life!

It really does not seem five minutes since you were this tiny newborn sleeping on my chest and now you are this tall, blonde haired, blue eyed, cheeky little boy.

Your speech is not as good at two as James was, but then you spend a lot of time with kids where as James was around adults a lot more!

Your favourite words to shout are up there and look! If you see a dog you will shout dog and the same if you are a cat! You adore our neighbours dog Archie and you try your best to say his name when you see him!

You are starting to wear some 2-3 clothes, but the majority are 18-24. You wear a size 4 pull up and a size 6+ nappy at night. 

You absolutely adore your big brother and you hate taking him to school as you miss him so much. You got to go in and see him last week and boy did you enjoy it! As soon as you saw him you went running over to cuddle him. Your favourite part of the day has to be when James comes home from school as you have your partner in crime back and you have someone to play with!

We have also taken the side off your cot and turned it into a bed, and so far you have taken to it pretty well! The first couple of nights it did take a few hours to get you to settle but you seem to have cracked it and you are definitely sleeping so much better which means so are mummy and daddy!

We have so many plans for the next year. We are going to Surrey in February to see Nanny and Pappy, we are also hoping to spend a day in London sightseeing with you and James as James has been doing about the Great fire of London at school so he is desperate to go and see all the sights! and then our first family holiday later in the year which I know you and James will love!!

You were the jigsaw piece which completed our family Freddie Bear and we all love you so much.

Happy birthday my gorgeous boy

Love always 

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