Saturday 11 November 2017

Letter to Santa

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So its almost time for Santa to visit and what child wouldn't like to receive a letter from the big man in red! I know James would love to get a letter from Santa and He is already asking me how long till Santa comes!

That's where Letter to Santa comes in! You can order a personalised letter for your child! With prices starting at £4.99  your child will receive a lovely letter from Santa! And on Christmas Day its self they will receive a text message! 

With Three different colour packs to choose from, where can you go wrong with ordering a letter for your child!

For the £4.99 pack you need to fill in the following information on the Letter to Santa Website - 
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relatives name
  • Friends name
  • Desired Present for Christmas
  • An achievement from the year
  • Their Home Town
  • Preference of Santa Claus or Father Christmas

For £8.99 you get the same as above but with an added activity pack containing - 
  • Personalised Nice List Certificate
  • Door Hanger
  • A Photo of Santa's Reindeer
  • Double-Sided Festive Activity Sheet (Colouring, Maze, Dot-to-Dot)
I know that we will be ordering James the letter with the activity pack as he is five and for Freddie who will only be two we will be ordering him the £4.99 letter.

Letter to Santa are offering readers of Mummy To My Little Cheeky Monkey a 10% discount on letters and activity packs by entering the code B832 at checkout!

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